TORMENTOR - "Crown Of Shame" - Cover, Tracklist, Release Date: 12th November 2021

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21.09.2021Release News

The release date of the of the new EP "Crown of Shame" by the German Thrash Metal Band TORMENTOR on CD via IRON SHIELD RECORDS is November 12th, 2021. 

With their new EP and fourth overall release, German metal band TormentoR strikes on a new path in their 15 years as a band. This EP is already a highlight in their history. Formed in August 2006, TormentoR can be heard growing up with every new release. They made their first steps at the age of 14 in the year 2008 with their first demo, "Lesson in Aggression.”

Five short songs of pure rough old-school metal in his absolute form. Resulting from this, their debut album "Violent World" continued this way, hailing their favorite bands and giving birth to their own sound.

On their second album, "Morbid Realization,” the band opened the doors for new inspirations and incorporated harmonies, melodies, and a slight peak of other metal genres in their songs. With that first experience, the sound started to grow, and a new level was reached on the new EP. From the old school Thrash Metal of the early days, the band realized their trademarks and put them into new songs, a new sound, and mixed them with new sources of musical inspiration. The title song comes with a heavy midtempo groove, metaphoric and self-reflecting lyrics, and darkened yet beautiful melodies. A song that sets the tone for the overall record and their subsequent musical journeys. On the other hand, TormentoR still loves to thrash things up, like the fast blistering opening track "Welcome to the Depressive Age,” showing their Thrash sound in a more modern and complex style.

They chose "Call to Arms" as the first single since that song combines most of the elements of their new chapter in a song under four minutes. The band offers something entirely new for their style with the two last songs, "Slaved to the Core" and "The Burden and The Grief" . Especially the last song, clocking in at almost ten minutes, is a dark, dooming, melancholic piece of music, with honest and yet painful lyrics. The band already started gathering new ideas, creating the first new songs for their next release. And the latest EP CROWN OF SHAME is just a first taste of what is coming.

1. Welcome To The Depressive Age
2. Crown Of Shame
3. Call To Arms
4. Slaved To The Core
5. The Burden And The Grief
Total Playing Time: 29:58 min

Max Seipke – vocals, rhythm & lead guitar       
Kevin Hauch – rhythm & lead guitar
Christian Schomber - bass
Thomas Wedemeyer – drums