SATANICA - "Resurrection Of Devil's Spirit" - Cover, Tracklist, Release Date: 24th July 2020

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11.06.2020Release News

The release date of the of the new album „Resurrection Of Devil's Spirit“ by the Japanese Heavy Metal Band SATANICA, via IRON SHIELD RECORDS, on CD is July 24th, 2020. 

SATANICA was found in 2002 mainly by Ritti Danger, a former member of WITCH'S KISS in the 80's.

The band is playin' classic H/M some NwoBHM trademarks and occult lyrics. Release of 1st album "Knights In Satanic Service" was July 2004. Local and Tokyo  live activities, followed by 2nd album "After Christ, the Devil Comes" March 2007. This was also released by Iron Shield Rec. (Germany) as Vinyl version in diff. colors with Gatefold Cover in 2010.

Again some live activities in Tokyo area. "We Are Satan's Preacher" CD release in December 2010. 2013 The band was a part of  ANVIL tribute "Strong As Steel" released by Skol Records.

In October 2014 the band was opening act for the ANVIL Japan Tour. February 2015, Satanica plays at True Thrash Fest Osaka with bands like Exciter, Hobbs Angel of Death, Blood Feast, Game Over ...etc.

After TTF singer Jonn left and Ritti will be in charge of drums and vocals! 

The new album "Resurrection Of Devil's Spirit" is at last compleated for the first time in 10 years!

Enjoy it and feel the spirit of real Heavy Metal from the Land of the rising sun!

1. Resurrection
2. Bloodthirsty
3. Liar
4. Black Widow
5. Kamikaze (instrumental)
6. Thunderstorm
7. Dark Star
8. Like A Fire
9. Deal With The Devil
Total Playing Time: 39:48 min

Ritti Danger – vocals, drums
Ozzie Alastor – guitars, vocals
Shee Lipps – guitars
K.Z. Behemoth – bass, vocals