NO BROS - official video for "Thousand Years Of Austro Rock" released

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13.08.2019Sublabel News

NO BROS has released a new video for the song "Thousand Years Of Austro Rock". That song is on the new album "Export Of Hell", which will be released on September 13th 2019 on CD via PURE STEEL RECORDS. The pre-order phase will start on August 30th, 2018 in our webshop.

The song “Thousand Years Of Austro-Rock” stands as a monument to "music art made in Austria", which got a far too less attention in our country in the past years. Many artists would deserve much more. On the occasion of the 45th anniversary of NO BROS, KLAUS SCHUBERT asked befriended musicians from all kinds of music genres to record a “crossover song”, which was never done before in our country - and they succeeded. We all set a sign together - thank you to all who contributed to it!!

The illustrious round of contributors to this "VIP all-round" Star Crossover Song "consists of DENISE BEILER and SARA DE BLUE KOELL (both "The Voice of Germany"), SUSI KRA (Now and We), OPUS, HARRI STOJKA, FRANZ POSCH, ULLI BEAR, PETER LEGAT (Count Basic), HUBSI TRENKWALDER, ZAPPA (Bluespumpm), JUDITH PECHOC (The Wild Irish Lasses), MARKUS LINDER, MAT SHOE, SIMON CEDE, FLORIAN BRAMBÖCK, ERWIN ASCHENWALD (The Mayrhofner), ANDY TREE, HELMUT BIBL (Falco, Supermax, Drahdiwaberl, Hallucination Comp.), ROBBY MUSENBICHLER (Rainhard Fendrich, Tokyo, Planet P., Tony Carey / Rainbow), GERY MODER (Hans Söllner), EWALD TRÖBINGER & MARTIN SEIMEN (super-moist), KLAUS "Wonderful World" PRUENSTER, WERNER BRUCK, SEXTIGER and STEFAN WEBER (Drahdiwaberl).

Klaus Schubert - guitars
Walt Stuefer - vocals
Bernie Welz – drums
Andy Marberger – bass, vocals
Andy J. Brunner – keyboards