BITCHHAMMER - „Offenders Of The Faith" - Cover, Tracklist, release date: 26th April 2019

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12.03.2019Release News

The release date of the new album "Offenders Of The Faith“ by the German Thrash Metal Band BITCHHAMMER on CD is April 26th, 2019 via IRON SHIELD RECORDS.

BitchHammer is Leipzig’s finest in black/thrash metal. Born in 2008 and armed with iron will, a metal heart and a stereotype-spiked mace, the trio infernale from the East German metal stronghold Leipzig did not come to revolutionize the scene, but to refresh the basic trademarks of the devil’s music with a straight-forward and old-school-infected Metal sound from hell. The spirit of ancestors such as Venom, Sodom, Darkthrone, Desaster and Aura Noir is the essence of their sound and the Infernal One lurks behind every corner.

Various concerts took the band on stage for example at »In Flammen Open Air«, »Taunus Metal Festival«, »Morbide Festspiele«, the Metal benefit festival at »Skullcrusher« Dresden and »Brutz & Brakel Stromgitarrenfest« Berlin with bands and friends such as Arroganz, Asphyx, Warhammer, Division Speed, Fäulnis, Hellish Crossfire, JT Ripper, Ketzer, Necrophobic and Nervosa. The beast has released three blasphemies on its own: the dirty »Doomblessed & Chaosborn« tape, a cool 4-Way-Split-LP with three other bands from Leipzig called »Thrashers of the Apocalypse« and the »Raging Hell Rivers« EP, which featured the band’s most relentless tunes so far. In 2019 the horde finally puts out its first full-length album: »Offenders of the Faith« is released on CD and LP by Berlin-based label Iron Shield Records. And it is exactly what it says on the tin…

BitchHammer stands for passion, riffs and the undying spirit of old school metal. With various club gigs and underground festivals in their back and their new album at (left) hand, the band is still hungry and more confident than ever. But no wonder, for the band still forges its unholy metal directly in the lungs of His temple: black, dirty and ass-kicking.

1. Funeral Sorcery
2. Satanic Violence
3. Satanica
4. Fear No Evil
5. Into The Filth
6. To Hell With The Cross
7. Pentagram Vibes
8. Bitchcraft
9. Blasphemaniac
Total Playing Time: 36:35 min

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