BLACK ALICE - „Endangered Species/Sons Of Steel" - LIMITED DOUBLE VINYL EDITION - Cover, Tracklist, releasedate: 29th March 2019

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06.02.2019Sublabel News

The release date of the of the album „Endangered Species/Sons Of Steel“ by the Heavy Metal Band BLACK ALICE from Australia as limited Doublevinyledition is March 29th, 2019. The pre-order phase will start on March 15th, 2019 in our webshop. The Album will release in a limited Edition of 300 black copies and insert on Vinyl.

Endangered Species:
We need to go back to the year 1982 to find the first steps of the Australian band BLACK ALICE. Perth in Western Australia is and was for sure not a place where one would look for Heavy Metal, but the material was quite unique, so in the rest of the world there was some interest in the band too. When you listen to Australian Hard Rock or Metal items you normally expect another AC/DC-copy. In fact, you find some small similarities only in the vocals, but BLACK ALICE had a quite different style of songwriting, so you will find a lot of European Metal influences in the music. The great song "Wings of steel" shows this really perfectly. One killer song beside many others!

For me "Endangered species" is one of the five best albums ever coming from Australia. If you haven't bought it in the last decades, don't miss it now in the Karthago Classics edition!

Sons Of Steel:
By listening to "Sons of steel" you will hear a big difference in comparison with "Endangered species".

The whole album was more or less a Rock Musical. The songs are doubtlessly high class, but in 1988, Heavy Metal was still on the peak of its popularity. This is why an album like "Sons of steel" was not what most people expected from BLACK ALICE, so I guess it is enjoyable for very open-minded listeners who like excursions in other musical fields too, but for sure not for the "Heavy Metal-only"-listening fan.

Endangered Species:
Side A
1. Man Of Metal (Bonustrack)
2. No Warning
3. Rat Catchers Eyes
4. Running Hot, Running Wild
5.  Hell Has No Fury
6. Wings Of Leather
Side B
7. In The Hall Of The Ancient Kings
8. Psycho
9. Roll The Dice
10. Blade Of Slaughter
11. Power Crazy
12. Hellhouse (Bonustrack)

Sons Of Steel:
Side A
1. Something In The Air
2. Sons Of Steel
3. There's Hope
4. Hard Lover
5. You And Me (Bonustrack)
Side B
6. Fighting For You
7. Mr. System
8. I'm With You
9. The Burn (Bonustrack)
10. Reck
Total Playing Time: 95:43 min

LINE-UP Endangered Species:
Rob Hartley – vocals
Vince Linardi – bass
Jamie Page – guitars
Joe Demasi – drums

LINE-UP Sons Of Steel:
Rob Hartley – vocals
Andy Cichon – bass
Jamie Page – guitars
Scott Johnston – drums

Special guest:
Jeff Duff on “The Burn” - vocals