STEEL RAISER "Acciaio" - Cover, Tracklist, release date: 15th February 2019

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17.12.2018Release News

The release date of the new album "Acciaio“ by the Italian Heavy Metal Band STEEL RAISER on CD is February 15th, 2019 via IRON SHIELD RECORDS.

Steel Raiser Project came to life by an idea of two metal lovers, Gian Luca Rossi e Alfonso Giordano, united in music as in life by a strong friendship, which after a long pause decided in 2007 to start a new adventure! In 2007 Steel Raiser recorded the first demo. The first album “Race Of Steel” was released few months later via Pure Steel Records in 2008 and marks the record debuting of Steel Raiser.

After the good results of "Race Of Steel" culminated with the participation to the Swordbrother Festival in Germany the current lineup was starting to take shape in 2009 with the entry of Giuseppe Seminara on guitar, Salvo Pizzimento on bass and Antonio Portale on drums. After this, the band was playing some concerts in Italy. In 2013, five years after their debut, is released 2. album, “Regeneration”, also published by the German Pure Steel Records.

Two years later Steel Raiser was back with a new studio album released by Iron Shield Records and titled "Unstoppable". After touring and writing new stuff the 4. album  "Acciaio" is ready now!

One more time a real Heavy Metal album influenced by the old heroes like Judas Priest. Uptempo songs are changing with more melodic stuff, but catchy and heavy!

1. The Fourth Seal (Intro)
2. Demon Angel
3. Heavy Metal Hero
4. The King of the Night
5. Genghis Khan
6. Rising Phoenix
7. Highway Eagle
8. Wherever
9. Night of the Duster
10. Spirits of Vengeance
11. Man of Rage
12. Up the Fist
Total Playing Time: 42:53 min

Alfonso Giordano – vocals
Gian Luca Rossi – guitars
Giuseppe Seminara – guitars
Salvo Pizzimento – bass
Carlos Cantatore – drums