CULT OF THE FOX „By The Styx” - Cover, Tracklist, release date: 20th April 2018

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22.02.2018Release News

The release date of the new album „By The Styx“ by the Swedish Heavy Metal Band CULT OF THE FOX on CD is April 20th, 2018.

Cult of the Fox was formed in early 2007. The band recorded their first demo, entitled ”Kitsunetsuki”, during the summer that year. The demo was followed by the band’s live debut at the Robstock festival in Sweden.

Cult of the Fox plays contemporary heavy metal, firmly rooted in the classic bands of the eighties. The focus of the band has always been on powerful yet melodic songs with strong conviction and passion. A second demo, “The Power We Serve” came out in 2008, followed by the single track “A Slave to the Reaper” which was recorded for a Metal compilation LP "Long live Metal".

After some members are changing the band, the band released their third demo in late 2010 "The Sea beneath the Sand”. 2011 the 1. full length "A Vow of Vengeance" was released by german label Metalbound Records. Release date was at Headbangers Open Air festival in July 2011. In 2012 Per left the band and as a quartet the band recorded their second album, "Angelsbane" also recorded at the Docks Studios and mixed at Studio Fredman. It was released for german label "Rock it up" in 2013.

Now it's time for a step forward and the third Metal attack by Cult of the Fox. All for Heavy Metal!

1. Siege from the Sky
2. By the Styx
3. Killing the Black Dog
4. Riddle of Steel
5. Blackfriar’s Bridge
6. Nightmaster
7. Bones Alley
8. A Warrior Reborn
9. Shuttin' em Down
10. The Damnation of Albert Caneham
11. Return to the Burning
Total Playing Time: 41:59 min

Magnus Hultman – vocals
Erika Wallberg – guitars
Fredrik Theander – guitars
Peter Svensson - bass, backing vocals
Marcus Rosenkvist - drums, backing vocals